How to Apply

Our application process is now closed, it reopens on 1 December 2021 in support of the academic year 2022-23.

Medical schools should discuss this funding opportunity with potential applicants individually and provide them with the Foundation’s Application Form and Guidance Notes for Applicants.

All applicants must complete the application form and provide a personal statement of no more than 1 side of A4 paper outlining their career ambitions/intentions and why they are seeking financial assistance from the Foundation.

These documents must be returned to their medical school contact.

It is then at the discretion of the medical schools to shortlist applications on an equal weighting of academic ability and financial need.

Those shortlisted should be submitted to the Foundation via the online form on our website.

The Dean (or appropriate person) should provide a letter of recommendation to accompany the student’s application. Applications should be placed in priority order indicating the sum requested to a maximum combined value of £15,000.

The medical school must submit all online applications with attached letters of recommendation on behalf of the candidates by 31st March.

Any general queries about the process should be addressed directly to the Administrator at the Foundation on 020 7869 6086 or at

Please note: all fields marked required in the online applications form must be filled out before an application can be saved

The Trustees are keen to be involved in the application process and in the case of Nottingham University and University College London a named trustee is available, if needed, to discuss suitable applicants they are:


Miss Leela Kapila OBE FRCS

Retired Paediatric Surgeon


Mr Michael Edgar M.Chir, FRCS

Emeritus Reader in Surgery UCL


(Please contact the foundation for their email addresses and phone numbers as required)

Please Note: The trustees wish to recognise excellence and exceptional ability or potential and applications should demonstrate this. The application process is competitive and there is no guaranteed commitment of funding from the Foundation. 

Online applications should be submitted by the Medical School by 31 March.

The application form for completion by applicants can be downloaded at the top right of this page.