Schools of Music

Applications for the 2019/20 academic year are now CLOSED

Restrictions & Eligibility

1. Under this section four schools of music are invited to apply they are: the Royal College of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and The Purcell School.

2. Schools should note that the applications they submit must be for students who are UK citizens attending full time courses and that the Trustees wish to identify and assist particularly gifted or talented students who struggle to meet fees or living expenses. Each school can submit up to two applications each with a maximum value of £10,000.

3. Schools should note that the Foundation will not fund overseas students, volunteering, part time study or study abroad.

4. It is a strict requirement of the Foundation that applicants are UK citizens and that a personal or family link with commerce is established for an application to be considered. To qualify either the applicant, the applicant’s parents or grandparents must have worked in or owned a commercial business. This does not include professional people i.e. doctors, accountants, architects, solicitors, etc. Supporting documentation may be required. In the majority of cases this is not an obstacle and further guidance can be sought from the Administrator.


Grants are made annually, with applications considered by the Trustees in May each year. Applications must be submitted by the music schools online through the Foundation’s website by the 31 March. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered. The Foundation will notify the school of the outcome of their application(s) by early June.

Please note postal and email applications are no longer accepted


Under this category a maximum grant pool of £10,000 is available which each of the four selected schools can bid for competitively. Schools can apply for the whole sum or a portion of it and should submit no more than two separate applications. The Trustees will then decide in what proportions the grant will be distributed amongst the four schools. The Trustees may decide to award the full grant to one individual, to divide it amongst 8 or less, or to make no award.

Payment of Grants

Grants will be paid to the individual via their School of Music usually in August of the year awarded. For larger grants it may be necessary to split the award into two payments up to 6 months apart.

Applying again

Previous grant recipients from the four schools will not be considered outside the Schools of Music Application process. However, schools can include previous grant recipients or those who were unsuccessful in previous years in their applications.


It is mandatory that all grant recipients submit a progress report to the Trustees; this will be requested in the February following the start of the academic year for which the grant was awarded.